Literary Sound Studies

Literature plus sound studies. Some quotes and books and Info

“Discussions like these have spurred me to meditate more deeply on sound. And now that I’ve really begun to consider it, texts have become much noisier places; the white spaces and black marks becoming places for reading and hearing.  Thinking more deeply about sonic affinities and communities has helped me really begin to understand how sound shapes sight and sight shapes sound.”( Sharpe, Christina. ” Hearing the Tenor of the Vendler/Dove Conversation: Race, Listening, and the “Noise” of Texts” in the Blog Sounding Out retrieved on August 29, 2013).

Sylvia Mieszkowski

“One of these is the task of preparing the second book I wrote, during my time as an Assistant Professor at Goethe University Frankfurt, for publication. It is a contribution to what I keep calling ‘literary sound studies’, and analyses how the production, reception and interpretation of sounds in literary representation disturbs and dovetails with processes of meaning making and identity construction. Hopefully, Resonances of Alterity: Sound, Desire and Anxiety in Non-Realist Fiction, published by [transcript] will hit the market by the end of 2013.” (